Monday, August 22, 2011

Stan's Business Trip Causes Confusion and Concern in Doniphan

It sounds like we almost had a small crisis in Doniphan Missouri this week.  During the High school booster club meeting they were talking about who they should contact for raising money and somebody mentioned Stan Schultz.  Stan’s friend Brad Smith said, “We can’t contact him right now he is in Hawaii.”

Somebody else quickly added, “That can’t be possible because I just saw his wife Kathy at the grocery store.”  At that point all eyes turned to Kathy’s best friend Dana Wetzel and someone asked her, “Are Kathy and Stan having troubles?”

Thankfully, Dana let everyone know that there were no ‘troubles’ and that Stan was on a business trip.  I can also testify that they are talking every day.  Although I think Kathy may be a bit jealous that I’m with Stan and not her.  

My wife Jami is missing me too.  I will admit that this ranks right up there as my best business trips ever.  I saw some interesting places in the Mediterranean back when I had to travel without my family in the Marines.  But the accommodations were not quite as comfortable and there was always this chance of getting shot, which makes it not as relaxing.  This trip we are getting a lot of business done and while it is definitely not a vacation, it's a great place to 'have' to come for business!

I just want everyone to know that we are not on vacation, we seriously miss our families and we will be home soon!!  

*****NEWS FLASH***** 

Stan and I are both very sore from surfing!!  This is not and easy or relaxing sport.  We are having a hard time raising our arms.  I guess we are getting old. But I want to do it again!!

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