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Friday, November 16, 2012

Gravois Phase 3 Sewer Nears Completion, More Subdivisions Could Be Added

The Gravois Arm Sewer District (GASD) Phase 3 sewer project is in the home stretch. “All three contracts of Phase 3 are substantially complete,” said District Board Chairman Dave Taylor. But Taylor said there is still work to do: “With a project this big, there are bound to be issues that need to be addressed.”
And issues aplenty there were at Monday, Nov. 5, at the GASD board of trustees meeting.
Phase 3 customer Ron Hodges asked when the clean-up in front of his property on Lake Road 5-18 would be accomplished. “They skipped my property,” Hodges said. Customers Earl Cable and Jim Marks had the same issue. The board assured the men that crews will finish the clean-up and that district personnel will inspect properties to be sure all properties are returned to their original state.
The board approved a request by Judy Kratthi to pay $683 for damages caused to a home on Hazel Road in the Captain’s Fancy Subdivision due to a bad pump that caused a sewer back up. District employees will also assess the situation for a solution to the sewer problem.
Taylor encouraged customers to contact GASD with issues that need to be addressed. He said problem areas will be assessed, and the appropriate action taken. “We appreciate the courtesy that customers have shown to the construction crews. The crews have all expressed their thanks for the cookies and baked goods,” Taylor said. While a small number of problems cannot be solved to the satisfaction of all customers, GASD will continue to serve those people in the sewer district. Taylor also encouraged customers to attend GASD board meetings, held the first Monday of every month at the sewer plant.
Engineer Stan Schultz with Schultz Surveying and Engineering reported to the board that the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development has accepted the environmental report and plan specifications for additional work with funds left over from the Phase 3 sewer project. The proposed new projects have been determined to be in the stimulus target study area. Schultz said that according to USDA, there is an excess of $300,000 of available funding to connect customers in the Gladstone Cove area first. “As soon as we get the final approval we will start on the first eight houses,” said Schultz. The district expects to pick up an additional 20 customers. If there is money left over the district might be able to pick up additional subdivisions as well. “We want the customers, and we want to keep adding the infrastructure. We will keep going until we run out of money,” Taylor said.
District Accountant Steve Thornton reported the district has been in the black for three consecutive months. They now have 807 customers. “Phase Three has made a remarkable addition to our finances,” Thornton said. The district saw a profit of $16,403 in October.
Board approvals:  
The board approved closing Contract Two with Schultz’s verification that the construction company will complete the punch list. District Inspector Kerri Metscher and a board member will also give a second opinion on the project’s completion.
The board approved a resolution amending and restating the sewer charge ordinance. “There are no changes in the rates. We just corrected misspelled words, cleaned it up, and brought it up to date,” said Sewer District Attorney Bill McCaffree.
The board approved sending a bill in the amount of $827.34 to Woods Construction for the repair of a force main on Graceland Road damaged by the construction company.
Taylor announced that he and Board Member Dennis Havel will attend a final loan closing Tuesday, Nov. 27 with USDA Rural Development. The district will also receive $5,009,000 in sewerage system revenue bonds.  
Board Member Steve Phelan has resigned as he has taken a job with Cabela’s in Kansas City. The board is seeking a replacement, and has advertised in three publications. Taylor requested that board members submit names for a replacement. Qualified candidates should be available for monthly meetings. Interested parties can contact Taylor at 573-286-2066.
The board went into executive session to discuss legal and personnel issues.
After going into open session, the board approved hiring Trinity Kincaid as a part-time contract laborer. Kincaid has a Class D sewer plant operator’s license. He will complete an internship with the sewer district in order to receive his class C license.
The next meeting of the GASD board of directors is scheduled 6 p.m., Monday, Dec. 3 at the district office in Gravois Mills.

Monday, October 29, 2012

VIDEO: 85 MPH Speed Limit in Texas

At 85 mph, fastest highway in the US opens

State Road 130, a 40-mile stretch of road in Texas between Austin and San Antonio, allows drivers to push their cars, vans and trucks to 85 miles an hour. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

Click HERE to view video.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chaffee gets $9 million in USDA loans for water, sewer projects

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- The city of Chaffee will be improving its aging water and sewer-system infrastructure through low-interest loans funded by the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Office of Rural Development.

The loans, together worth $9 million, will be used to replace existing water mains in the Chaffee water district and for building an up-to-date water treatment facility. The cash also will go toward repairing and treating the city's sewer collection lines and improving the lift station.

Chaffee city administrator Lee Horton said the projects couldn't have come at a better time.

"The water lines we use now haven't been replaced in over 30 years," Horton said. "The water-treatment plant isn't modern by any means. It was built in 1978, and the filtering system it houses is around 30 years old. The sewer lines also have been in need of repair. It's time for something more efficient."

Horton added that plans for the city's water system total $6.2 million from the USDA, with another $2.8 million coming for the sewer lines and lift station. The water system money was awarded last year, while the announcement on the sewer loan was made last month.

"The money we'll receive for the sewers is in addition to what we received in 2011 for the water-system project," he said. "The water project has a head start, but if we're able to get plans for the sewers drawn and have funding in place, we'll want to work concurrently on both projects if we can."

Horton couldn't say for sure when Chaffee would receive the money for the sewer project, but he expects it to be coming soon.

"We've been discussing sewer funding with rural development since June, and we know we've been approved for funding" he said. "The money is on its way."

Schultz Surveying and Engineering of Poplar Bluff, Mo., is in charge of engineering for both projects. Chief engineer Tim Southards said he is wrapping up construction plans for the water system but designs for the sewers and lift station are in the conceptual-design stage.

"The water-system project is the primary focus," Southard said. "But once we're comfortable with what we put together for the sewers and lift station, we'll commit to them accordingly. Plans for either the water or sewer systems have to be approved by rural development and the Department of Natural Resources, and so far there haven't been any red flags. I'm hopeful they and DNR will give their final approval to the water plans by December."

Phyllis Minner, area specialist in Stoddard County's USDA service center, shared Southards' optimism for December approval.

"That sounds about right to me," Minner said. "You can never say for sure, but I think getting approval for the plans by then is possible."

A groundbreaking for the water-system project is anticipated for the spring of 2013. Once started, it is estimated to be completed within 18 months.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunrise Beach seeks citizen input on sewer; refinancing bonds for Hwy 5 widening

The Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees wants to hear from its constituents about their sewage.

The board has scheduled three public hearings to give the citizens of Sunrise Beach an opportunity to voice their opinion and ask questions regarding a pending Sunrise Beach Phase 1 Sewer Project. The three consecutive hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 19 at the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District No. 1 Administration Building. They will cover the following three topics:
  • The establishment of a user-charge wastewater system in the village.
  • The establishment of an ordinance regulating the use of public and private sewers and drains and providing penalties for violations thereof.
  • The environmental impact of and the need for a sewer system in the village. Schultz Surveying & Engineering will present an environmental impact report on the Phase 1 Sewer Project.
The Phase 1 Sewer Project will consist of an extended air sewer treatment facility, with a forced main that will run along Highway 5 from the Hurricane Deck Bridge north to Lake Road 5-39. The estimated cost of the Phase 1 sewer project is $2.2 million.

Engineers report

At the board’s Oct. 11 meeting, Jim Fisher, Lake Manager for Schultz Surveying & Engineering and Village Phase 1 Sewer Project Engineer, reported his firm is working hard to get the sewer project rolling. Fisher said he will have the specifications and tentative plans for the Phase 1 treatment plant by the November board meeting. He also announced Kerry Metscher as the head right-of-way manager. Metscher will work to get the necessary easements for the Phase 1 sewer project. Fisher and Trustee Charlie Bott are collaborating on two sewer ordinances to be presented at the public hearing.

Bond refinancing
In other business, Charlie Zitnik with D.A. Davidson & Co. attended the Thursday meeting to discuss bond refinancing. The board cleared Zitnik to draw up the necessary paperwork for the refinancing of the 2003 Certificate of Participation (COPS), along with paperwork for the financing of the Phase 2 Highway 5 widening project. The Phase 2 widening project will turn a section of Highway 5 into three lanes, from Lake Road 5-36 north to Lake Road 5-32, at a cost of approximately $600,000. The project is slated by the Missouri Department of Transportation to begin in 2013.

Zitnik reported the city is currently paying 5.34 percent interest on $50,000 payments annually. With the refinancing, Zitnik projects the interest could be lowered to 3.8 percent, over a twenty year period. “The savings are astronomical,” Zitnik said.

Board approvals
The board approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District. The city will forgive 10,000 gallons of water usage each month for training purposes. The district will pay the regular business water user rate for anything over 10,000 gallons.

The board also approved the low bid of $1,045 from Bartley Pump to seal and plug the village well.

The village issued a merchant license to the Pexco Company, LLC, and Impressions. The board also issued a liquor license to the Woods Super Market.

A media event is scheduled for 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, during which the United States Department of Agriculture will present loan funds in the amount of $104,000 to the village for the purchase of City Hall. The village is purchasing the building and less than an acre of land immediately surrounding the building from Village Attorney Greg Williams.

The board changed the November meeting date to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 as the regular meeting fall on a holiday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Macadoodles Grand Opening
Branson is now home to one of the most premiere specialty shops in the southern mid-west.  Macadoodles Fine Wine, Beer, and Spirits opened up one of their highly acclaimed shops in Branson in August of 2012.  Schultz Surveying & Engineering was selected to do the site development plan, construction staking and surveying for this project which will be another business added downtown by the Branson Landing.  SSE Owner Stan Schultz said, “I am very proud of Brad Allbritton and our Branson team.  Developing a site plan that accounted for the small space and traffic patterns down by the landing was a huge challenge.  I didn’t know if it could be done but by working with the developer, city planners and the contractor they pulled it off!”

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley helping
 Macadoodles Owners cut the ribbon!
Brad Allbritton has been running the Branson office since 2010 and has been involved in numerous commercial and public projects in the region.  He added, “It was a simple but tricky project.  Working with a limited amount of space so close to the creek made it a challenge to design a plan that met their building size requirements and still have adequate room for parking, but the City of Branson was very helpful and the folks at Macadoodles were a pleasure to work for.” 

SSE's Brad Allbritton with
Branson Alderwoman Cris Bohinc
Schultz Engineering sent Chief Surveyor, Wendell Beard, to head up the beginning stages of the project and up until its completion in August 2012.  Wendell said, “This project was a lot of hard work, but it was a lot of fun, too.  Brad did a great job on the design and we worked well with the rest of the team to do the surveying and construction staking.  It’s always nice to be a part of bringing another business to our area.” 

Superior customer service is one of Macadoodles top priorities and their President, Roger Gildehaus said, “Our promise is providing the friendliest service guaranteed!  If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll double your money back.” 

They do that by meeting the following goals:
  • Clean and friendly shopping experiences for the whole family
  • Customer service beyond expectations
  •  Make you feel appreciated and that you are an important person to us
  •  A variety of products, many that can only be found at Macadoodles
  • Competitive pricing
  • Always in stock on the products you want
  • The extra amenities that make the store a complete and outstanding shopping experience
  • Strive everyday to develop your loyalty

You can visit Macadoodles online at www.Branson.Macadoodles.com or visit their new location in Branson located at 438 Branson Landing Boulevard.  

Friday, October 5, 2012


Huge crowd at the Poplar Bluff boil
Things were hot and spicy at the Poplar Bluff office with Schultz Surveying & Engineering hosting a Cajun Shrimp Boil Thursday night. Over 300 business and community leaders from the region attended the festivities.

Owner Stan Schultz said, “Business continues to grow in our Southeast Missouri offices. Just 15 years ago we started off in a one-room building down the road, and now we are giving back to the folks who have been with us and supported our efforts all of these years. We love working in rural Missouri and to have so many community leaders show up and help us celebrate another great year of business was exciting.”

The festivities started at 5:00 pm with several people already waiting for the first batch of shrimp to finish cooking. “The SSE folks sure know how to cook Cajun style. They put on a great party with some outstanding food,” added State Representative Steve Cookson
Here's the City of Hayti crew waiting
on their cajun style shrimp!
While the slow economy has negatively affected many Missouri businesses, SSE was just recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 500|5000. Marketing Director Rodney Jetton says they are bucking that trend, “Because our company listens to the needs and concerns of community leaders, we don’t try to tell them what to do. Our engineers know the rules and are used to working with USDA and DNR officials. They are experts at finding funding and designing projects that meet the community’s needs at the lowest possible price. Our projects consistently meet the short and long range government requirements while saving taxpayers money.”

Folks in line getting
their food.  Looks good!
Schultz took a few moments to introduce two of the new engineers at SSE. David Stinson and Tim Southards recently left the Missouri Department of Nature Resources and joined SSE. Schultz recognized them and mentioned how helpful their backgrounds will be to the communities needing help with water and sewer systems in Southeast Missouri.

The night’s activities also included several door nice prizes including a Remington 870 shotgun, a bionic fishing pole and an Apple iPad. Judy Davis from the Ripley County Water District # 1 won the iPad, while Sandra Bates from Eagle Wings Construction walked away with the fishing pole and Kim Hill from Contech took home the shotgun. SSE Engineer Tim Southards commented, “Seeing folks enjoy the food, and having fun made the whole party a success! 2012 is shaping up to be our biggest year ever and getting to say thanks to all our customers and visiting with our elected officials was very enjoyable.”

To view our 2012 Cajun Shrimp Boil photo albums, please CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Cheri Westervelt of Sunrise Beach took home the shotgun

 LAKE OZARK, MISSOURI - Things were hot and spicy at the Lake Ozark area Fairgrounds with Schultz Surveying &Engineering hosting a Cajun Shrimp Boil Tuesday night.  Over 500 business and community leaders from the region attended the festivities.

Owner Stan Schultz said, “Business is continuing to grow in our mid-Missouri offices and the SNG gas line as well as the Sunrise Beach projects are major milestones for us at the lake.  We love working in rural Missouri and to have so many community leaders show up and help us celebrate another great year of business was exciting.”

The festivities started at 5:00 pm with several people already waiting for the first batch of shrimp to finish cooking.  “The SSE folks sure know how to cook Cajun style.  They put on a great party with some outstanding food,” added Brian Mesile

While the slow economy has negatively affected many Missouri businesses, SSE was just recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 500|5000.  Marketing Director Rodney Jetton says they are bucking that trend, “Because our company listens to the needs and concerns of community leaders, we don’t try to tell them what to do.  Our engineers know the rules and are used to working with USDA and DNR officials.  They are experts at finding funding and designing projects that meet the community’s needs at the lowest possible price. Our projects consistently meet the short and long range government requirements while saving taxpayers money.”

The night’s activities also included several door nice prizes including a Remington 870 shotgun, a bionic fishing pole and an Android Tablet.  Cindy Campbell of Sunrise Beach won the tablet while Brandon Bowers of Lake Ozark walked away with the fishing pole and Cheri Westervelt of Sunrise Beach took home the shotgun.  SSE Engineer Jim Fisher commented, “Seeing folks enjoy the food, and having fun made the whole party a success!  2012 is shaping up to be our biggest year ever and getting to say thanks to all our customers and visiting with our elected officials was very enjoyable.”

Cindy Campbell of Sunrise Beach won the tablet



TIME - 5:00PM 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Southwest Airlines Lands in Branson


 Southwest Airlines recently announced their intention to begin flying into and out of the new Branson National Airport beginning in May of 2013.  This marks the 79th city to be added to the Southwest Airlines team roster.  Folks will be able to travel nonstop to Dallas Love Field, Houston Hobby, Chicago Midway, and Orlando.

Schultz Surveying & Engineering was honored to be involved with the Branson Airport initial construction by doing the construction staking and land surveying for the $113 million dollar project.  Currently the Branson Airport has six nonstop destinations and one stop connecting service to more than 100 major cities in the United State.  Nonstop destinations include: Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Houston and Orlando on AirTran Airways; and Denver on Frontier Airlines. 

SSE's Lucas Case & Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
 pose for a photo after discussing the economic impact
of Southwest Airlines 'landing' in Branson
Known for the unique airport experience and superb customer service, Branson Airport LLC is the first privately developed and operated commercial service airport in the United States.  It is currently serviced by AirTran Airways, Frontier Airlines, Branson AirExpress, and most currently Southwest Airlines and this allows passengers the ability to access over 100 destinations all on low cost carriers. 

To welcome Southwest Airlines to the Branson area, the Branson Airport and Southwest Airlines threw a public-wide ‘pep rally.’  This rally included special appearances from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, Johnny Morris, Jack and Peter Herschend, Tony Orlando, Neil Smith, and many others.  It also included performances by The Blues Brothers, SIX, and Legend of Kung Fu.

Branson Airport Exec. Dir. Jeff Bourk
Governor Nixon commented, “When it comes to our state’s economy—specifically the tourism industry—Branson is a pillar of our strength, and a leader in our continued growth.  Already this year, Branson has welcomed nearly 3 million travelers.  That’s enough folks to fill 22,000 of Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737’s.” 

Branson Airport Executive Director, Jeff Bourk, said, "With this announcement comes great opportunity for this region to continue its growth and become a hub for business and leisure travel. With the help of Schultz Engineering in the early process of the Branson Airport's conception, our community and our state have prospered these last few years and will continue to do so."

SSE Owner, Stan Schultz
Stan Schultz, owner of SSE, concluded, “We were honored to be selected out of the many firms who placed bids to work on the Branson Airport.  SSE strives to save our customers money and providing the quality service they want and need.  My family utilizes the Branson Airport on numerous occasions and we are thrilled that Southwest Airlines has added their stamp of approval.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunrise Beach On Deck For $6.1M Sewer Loan

SUNRISE BEACH, MO. -- The Clean Water Commission has placed the Sunrise Beach Phase 1 sewer project on the fundable list for $6.12 million in state revolving funds from the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Natural Resources.
The village has been allotted two years to use the funding. Sunrise Beach City Planner, Roger Corbin, and Schultz and Summers Engineering’s Jarrod Wheaton heard the funding announcement at a Clean Water Commission meeting Wednesday, Sept. 5, at the Truman Building in Jefferson City. Wheaton is the village sewer project manager.
“This money has been made available for municipalities to put in sewers with very low interest rate loans,” Corbin said, noting the funds would have to be repaid. The village board has not yet approved application for a loan. “The unique thing about this funding is the Clean Water Commission approved $18.5 million to be transferred from the drinking water SRF fund to the clean water SRF fund,” Corbin said. Clean water funds are used for sewer and wastewater projects. “With the drought there was some question about the availability of funds,” said Schultz and Summers Lake Manager Jim Fisher. “We are excited and thankful that DNR has agreed to fund this project.”
In its August meeting, the village board of trustees approved Schultz and Summers Engineering to handle construction of Phase 1. The project will extend along the Highway 5 corridor from Lake Road 5-39 to the Hurricane Deck Bridge. “We would like to fast-track this project because Woods Supermarket is working overtime to get their development opened by Memorial Day 2013,” Corbin said. Woods Supermarket will contribute $240,000 to the project in the form of an impact fee.
Eighty-five percent of the project will connect to businesses along the Highway 5 corridor. High-end business users impacted will include: the new Wood’s Supermarket, Cannon Smoked Saloon, Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, Deepwater Inn, Sunrise RV Park, Tortilla Flats and The Branding Iron. The Highway 5 business corridor was chosen for the first phase because it will be the spine of the system; future sections will be added and connected in subsequent phases.
The total cost of the Phase 1 sewer system is projected to be $2.4 million, and according to Corbin, there are no grants currently available for the project. The village can not exceed the bonding authority of $8 million approved by voters, and it has already spent $2.5 million on the water project. The cost of the water and Phase 1 sewer projects combined is nearly $5 million, leaving the village just over $3 million in bonding authority.
A portion of the remaining approved loans could be used for a Phase 2 sewer project, if deemed economically feasible. Phase 2 plans have not been approved, but the board of trustees has discussed various options, such as constructing another small plant or hooking into an existing system.
The project has been rife with challenges, from delays in transferring money to sewer fund shortages and lengthy deliberations by village trustees. Now those involved in the construction will be forced to work on a relatively short time line. “We have been waiting for this for a long time. It has been a one-year process just to get to this point, and it is a really big deal,” Corbin said, adding, “It will be an even bigger deal to get this thing in the ground.”
“This is a great day for Sunrise Beach and the water quality of the Lake of the Ozarks. It will be an even greater day when we can get the residents hooked up too,” said Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance Executive Director Donna Swall. She continued, “We have several businesses that are struggling to manage their wastewater. LOWA is all about the economic, social and environmental health of the Lake area. If the economy goes, so goes the rest and that puts a bad light on the Lake and that is not good for tourism. From a health standpoint, Sunrise Beach was founded in the early 1950’s and there are very old septics in the village. Anytime we can get those old septics offline it will improve water quality, plus we need the infrastructure to grow our economy. LOWA will continue to work in other counties to eventually form a four-county alliance for managing wastewater.”

Monday, September 10, 2012


Repaired Bridge with no weight
limit and vulnerable to flooding.
 After the controversy concerning weight limits surrounding the Upton Township Bridge on the Roubidoux Road, Cass Township Board President Jack Watson began discussing what steps townships in Texas County should take when constructing new bridges.  Watson explained, “We are dealing with an unsafe bridge that MoDOT has recommended we close and before we rebuilt it we wanted to make sure it would get the proper weight limit ratings needed to handle the local traffic.  We have milk trucks, farming equipment and school busses that need to use that road and we can’t afford to build a new bridge and then have MoDOT not approve the needed weight limit.”

Dave Mathis, Nita Moore, Bill Jetton,
Jim Fisher, Jack Watson,
Connie Thompson and Tom Story
The Cass Township Bridge on Stultz Road near Elk Creek that Watson mentioned has also been caught up in the weight limit controversy. The bridge had a three ton load limit on it but after safety concerns an engineering study recommended it be closed.  They then asked MoDOT to conduct another inspection and they recommended it be immediately shut for traffic.  Former MoDOT Chief Bridge Engineer Frank Carroll said, “Keeping a bridge open in that condition is a huge liability to the township.  Anything with a heavy load could be in danger of breaking through leaving the township liable for injuries or damages.”

Cities, townships, special road districts and counties are struggling to build bridges that will meet MoDOT standards and have the weight limits needed to move the heavy loads that support the farming economy of Texas County.   There are several steps that must be taken to meet MoDOT’s safety requirements and ensure the new bridge will be rated with a high weight limit.  Watson added, “We didn’t want to spend $22,000 building a new bridge like the Upton Township did and only have a three ton rating. We decided that if you’re going to spend taxpayer money on a new bridge it would be wise to follow the guidelines and make sure it will receive a rating that will allow the heavy trucks to use it safely.”

Demolition to the new Upton Township Bridge
One of the main requirements that MoDOT requires for a bridge to be certified is that it must be designed by a state licensed professional engineer who follows MoDOTs approved plans and is willing to certify the design and verify its safety.  That engineer must also conduct inspections during the construction process to make sure the design is being followed.   Once those two items are accomplished MoDOT will inspect the bridge and can give it the appropriate rating.  SSE owner Stan Schultz stated, “As an engineering Company, we take on quite a bit of liability when I put my stamp on a design and say this bridge was built to specifications. Honestly an experienced builder can build a small bridge like this that is safe but because of past litigation MoDOT has developed this process to ensure safety and protect against lawsuits.”    

After talking with the Texas County Commissioners, MoDOT engineers and other townships, Watson and the other Cass Township Board members solicited qualifications from various engineering firms about designing a bridge that would handle the water flow and traffic loads while still meeting MoDOT’s safety standards.  Watson reported at the last Cass Township Board meeting that after looking over the qualifications and meeting with the engineers he was very impressed with JimFisher and Jarred Wheaton willingness to listen to us and help design the kind of bridge we needed on Stultz road.”  SSE Engineer Jim Fisher added, “We are a rural engineering company that works in this area all the time.  These are simple bridges to design and we understand the need to keep costs down and will work with the township to design only what they need in order to get a safe bridge approved by MoDOT that would not have a posted weight limit.”

Fisher attended the last Cass Township Board meeting to answer any questions about the bridge design and the process for moving forward.  Board President Jack Watson called the meeting to order with Board members Tom Story, Connie Thompson and Nita Moore present.  Texas County commissioners Fred Stenger and John Casey were also in attendance.  Dave Mathis the township maintenance supervisor was there as well and SSE Business Development Director Bill Jetton.  The main topic of discussion was the bridge on Stultz Road.  

Stultz Road south of Elk Creek
 was closed Friday after this
 Cass Township bridge was declared unsafe.
Barricades are in place.
SSE engineer Jim Fisher answered several questions from the board and emphasized that SSE would work with MoDOT engineer Ed Hess and do the necessary surveys and calculations required to start the design process.  He reported that they had already requested the proper permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and that they could get the final design to the board very quickly after the contract was signed. Fisher pointed out that they would be designing a box culvert that would be over 20 ft in clear span to keep traffic out of the water after hard rains.  This bridge will also qualify for the County soft match program and that it would have a no weight restrictions rating once it was completed. 

The commissioners made a few comments about the soft match program and asked for the written plan and design to be presented to them at the next commission meeting where the contract would be signed.  Watson introduced Steve Wilson who had built numerous bridges in Texas County.  Wilson and Fisher looked over drawings and discussed the bridge and MoDOT’s requirements.  Fisher mentioned to the board, “While SSE is happy to have the work and help with this project it’s clear Mr. Wilson is an experienced bridge builder and could build a safe box culvert that would handled the required loads without an engineers approval.” He continued, “We understand you need an engineer to stamp the plans and meet MoDOT’s requirements but honestly liability concerns make us necessary.  Our goal is always to help you with your design needs while keeping the costs as low as possible and working with you to build exactly what you need and not what some engineer pushes you to build.”

SSE's Jim Fisher (right) and Cass Township
Board Chairman Jack Watson
SSE agreed to have the board final plans and be ready for construction in 30 days. Watson pointed out that it would be good to start building the bridge before the weather got bad this fall.  They all agreed to meet at the next commissioners meeting and sign the final contract with the Texas County Commissioners authorization.  Stan Schultz concluded by saying, “This kind of project in this situation is exactly why I started my company.  Too many times rural citizens can’t afford the bridges, roads, or water and sewer improvements they need because the rules and regulations drive the costs up so high.  For 15 years we have been providing quality engineering services to communities that have been told no or given sky high prices that killed their projects.  It’s always satisfying to help get a needed project moving and we are very excited about establishing a relationship with Cass Township and Texas County.”  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

SSE Honored to Help Design Infrastructure for Eagle Sky Christian Camp of the Ozarks

Eagle Sky is a private 4,500 acre camp and retreat center.  They have a world mission to provide a unique camp environment where everyone is challenged to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  Eagle sky is committed to providing a place where children, adults, church leaders and corporate executives can come relax, rejuvenate and recharge their lives as well as team build, evaluate, and plan the future of their ministry, church or business activities.

With planned camps in Missouri, Colorado, and Kenya Africa, Eagle Sky is on track to be one of the premiere summer camps in the world.  Schultz Surveying & Engineering were honored to be selected to develop the entire design for Eagle Sky Drive, the main road into this rejuvenating paradise.  They will also be putting their water and wastewater design experience to work making sure Eagle Sky provides campers the clean, safe drinking water while having a minimal impact on the pristine environment of the Ozark foothills. 

Eagle Sky has many activities designed specifically for its array of campers.  “We will have many water sports such as lake canoeing, kayaking, water volleyball, etc,” stated Eagle Sky Camp Director, Jim Garr.  “For those who enjoy staying on land we also have a sports complex for soccer, baseball, basketball, hiking trails, high-ropes, paintball and other land-based activities.”

While Eagle Sky is a first-rate multimillion dollar camp complex, a difference that separates Eagle Sky from many other similar facilities is its vision to reach the world through the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Some of the core values of Eagle Sky include:
  • Christ-like work ethic: with every thought, word, and deed
  • Personal integrity: in both public and private life
  • Stewardship: of the Lord's resources in the environment, in the facilities, and in staff and finances
  • Safety and Security: providing a program and facilities that focus on safety and security for all participants
Camp Director Jim Garr added, “We are truly committed to the values and teachings of Christ and everything about this facility is designed to enhance the campers ability to leave the daily grind of life behind and have fun while growing in their faith.”

Eagle Sky Camp Director,
Jim Garr and wife Pam

With 4,500 acres of property and a 130 acre lake area, Eagle Sky is bound to grow at a fast rate when more people hear about this unique experience right here in the heartland of Missouri.  SSE owner, Stan Schultz, stated “I became an engineer because I wanted to design projects that would improve people’s lives.  Roads, bridges and water systems are all projects that I have been proud to be a part of but working with Eagle Sky to design the infrastructure to make the multimillion dollar facility the best it can be is different than a normal project.  These facilities will help the campers have an enjoyable stay while they are at Eagle Sky, but the impact they will have on other lives after they leave here can impact and change lives for years to come.”

The Eagle Sky Foundation's Mission is to provide a unique retreat environment where everyone is challenged to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  
To enter the camp you must cross
this beautiful bridge
  • Providing quality facilities where guests can retreat in comfort and security while they focus on expanding their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Utilizing dedicated, talented staff who demonstrate servant leadership and total commitment to Jesus Christ;
  • Involving guests in challenging Christian Campaign Programs which strive for quality and excellence in recreational opportunities, ministry development programs; educational programs, and quality Bible teaching;
  • Leading guests to engage the beauty of God's creation, the joy of fellowship, and the challenge of growth in their faith and walk with Jesus Christ.
"Schultz Surveying and Engineering has been wonderful to work with," said Eagle Sky's Jim Garr, "Stan is a very caring and giving person and he understands the bigger mission of what we are trying to do with Eagle Sky.  He listens to our needs, offers good suggestions, and works with all our staff to help execute the plan."

Eagle Sky is planning to open its facilities with more than 1,000 bunks.  Eagle Sky has come to the Missouri Ozarks with a vision to build and operate the finest camping and retreat facilities available for utilization by church groups, Christian organizations and businesses.  It is their hope that children of all ages and families from around the country will be able to make memories that will last a lifetime, while building a stronger relationship with Christ and learning how to live more in His favor.

SSE Owner, Stan Schultz
"Eagle Sky is truly an organization that will make a huge difference in the world," concluded Schultz.  "Helping families and reaching children through Christian teachings is something I can personally get behind and we are excited to be working with such a strong, ministry oriented organization like Eagle Sky."  

You can learn more about Eagle Sky of the Ozarks by visiting their website at www.EagleSky.com or by calling (573)-856-4219.

Monday, August 27, 2012

HCW Picks SSE for two Branson Projects

 This year, Branson has seen many ups and downs in its economy and within the community. With the February 29th Leap Day tornado hurting many businesses, the community has persevered and is now back on track to do huge things for its community. HCW is a major development and construction company headquartered in Branson, Missouri. HCW has been heavily involved in many Branson-area projects such as the Branson Landing, Payne Stewart Golf Club, Dixie Station Shopping Center, Thousand Hills Golf Resort, Fall Creek Resort, Cedar Ridge at the Woods Resort, Grandvista at Emerald Pointe Resort, Branson Yacht Club, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and Theatre, as well as adjoining Celebration Plaza, and Vista Plaza shopping centers. SSE Business Development director Rodney Jetton stated, “We are very proud to be working with such a well known and respected company like HCW.  Their outstanding track record in Branson and the Midwest is well documented and to be associated with Rick Huffman and their company is something we are very proud of.  We look forward to working with them more in the future on projects that will improve the economy and quality of life for communities in this region.”

SSE Marketing Director
Rod Jetton
This year, HCW has contracted Schultz Surveying and Engineering (SSE) to do two projects in the Branson community.  One is a site design located at the roundabout by Skaggs Hospital.  This project consisted of topographic surveying, architectural layout of the building and parking lot, a grading plan design, erosion and sediment control plans, and a water and sewer service plan that included a bore under business 65.  This piece of land is approximately 1.25 acres and will be a sales office for HCW.

The character of the area is always taken into account in HCW developments.  New construction blends harmoniously with existing structures, and rehabilitation projects bring freshness and up-to-date convenience to established structures.  HCW projects can bring innovation, excitement and a new outlook to communities as they move into the future.

SSE Owner, Stan Schultz
SSE Owner, Stan Schultz stated, “I appreciate HCW and the work they are doing within the Branson community.  When I bring my family to Branson we always have a great time enjoying what Branson has to offer and HCW played a huge role in that.”   

HCW’s vision provides for specific needs within the community.  New development often brings new jobs, and housing the workers is an accompanying need.  HCW has brought numerous housing projects into communities in several states.  Affordable multi-family and single housing developments are built with the same attention to quality and environment as HCW’s largest commercial projects. 

HCW Dir. of Development
Gary Fultz
Gary Fultz, HCW’s Director of Development said, “The team, led by Bradley Allbritton, was always responsive to our needs during the civil engineering process, and they produced quality plans.  They are an extremely professional firm and I would recommend them to any company seeking quality engineering services.”

SSE Branson Operations Mgr.
 Bradley Allbritton
SSE’s Bradley Allbritton said, “HCW is so great to work with.  They are extremely smart and savvy when it comes to what it is they need and want in a project design.  Our team enjoyed working with HCW on these projects and we look forward to our future with HCW Development.”

Monday, August 6, 2012

SSE Company Float Trip to KC's on the Current

 Over the weekend, SSE staff from our different offices enjoyed the first annual Company Float Trip to Doniphan with KC's on the Current.  Here are some photos from that excursion!  For the facebook version of this album, please visit our Facebook page.