Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taneycomo Lakeshore Cleanup- September 14th

Taneycomo Lakeshore Cleanup

Saturday September 14th, 2013 for the 4th annual Cleanup on Lake Taneycomo Call  417-739-4100 to volunteer! (leave a message if no answer). Or you can email us at

The cleanup is open to anyone that would like to help. It involves both litter pick up by boat and by walking the shoreline.  We are looking for sponsors of this event in addition to our major sponsor, Empire District Electric Company. Sponsors can donate boat rentals, employees for the cleanup, funding to purchase supplies ect.  

Things needed:
1) Boats for shuttling volunteers and trash to and from the launching area at Rockaway Beach Public Launch.

2) Volunteers to join us for 4 hours on Saturday morning  (9am to 1pm) at in Rockaway Beach Public Launch.
3) Funding to pay for dumpsters, "grabbers", water and snack, gloves, trash bags and other items for the cleanup.

4) Advertising to help us get the word out to the public.

For more information on this event see the Taneycomo Lakeshore Cleanup website:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SSE helps answer west side questions about forming a new sewer district!

Schultz Surveying and Engineering (SSE) owner Stan Schultz recently attended a meeting to help local Shawnee Bend area residents answer questions concerning the formation of a sewer districts and their purpose.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

$200 Million Will be Available for Northern Arkansas Highways by the End of 2013

Poplar Bluff Chamber sponsors small business conference focused
on how to help Hubzone businesses win contracts with the U.S. DOT 

Rodney Jetton, Willis Mushrush and Tammy Armond
POPLAR BLUFF, MO – The Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce, University of Missouri Extension Center, Ozark Regional Foothills Planning Commission and Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) joined with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in sponsoring a conference to teach Hubzone business owners how to win government contracts to build roads in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.  DOT Small Business Transportation Resource Center project director Tammy Armond said, “We didn’t have a conference like this scheduled in Missouri, but when I found out that DOT had approximately $200 million in federal aid that was going to be procured in northern Arkansas by the end of the year I knew we needed to do more to reach out to small business in southern Missouri.”
Steve Halter

Participants came from all across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas with one attendee coming all the way from St. Louis.  Chamber director Steve Halter welcomed everyone to Poplar Bluff and emphasized how the Poplar Bluff Chamber was excited to help sponsor the conference and wanted to do everything they could to help businesses grow and create jobs.  The two day conference included presentations on the Hubzone program, contractor bonding requirements as well as the outlook for government contracting in the near future.  Additionally, each agency explained what they could do to help Hubzone businesses apply for and win government contracts.

Willis Mushrush of PTAC
Willis Mushrush, the PTAC Business Development Specialist, covered all the free services PTAC offered to Missouri small businesses.  He got everyone’s attention when he said, “Doing business with the government makes sense because the government is the world’s biggest customer and buys all kinds of goods and services.  Their checks never bounce and they spend $43 million every hour, which is over a billion a day buying products and services.” He explained they help companies develop budgets and marketing plans, plus bid tracking and preparation.  They also help companies sign up on all the government registration sites.  “Using PTAC’s services can help small businesses increase bid and networking opportunities, plus provide them with more chances to attend conferences and training classes, helping them win more contracts,” added Mushrush.    

Schultz Surveying and Engineering was one of the local companies who participated in the two day conference.  “We completed several contracts for the federal government as a Hubzone company and our Small Business Administration (SBA) representative, Patricia Guttmann, as well as PTAC’s services were very helpful in our efforts to win contracts.  I was excited that they were having the conference in Poplar Bluff and wanted our company to participate,” remarked SSE owner Stan Schultz.

Small Business Development Specialist Kevin Anderson
Other speakers included Kevin Anderson from the Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Center, Alan Rodgers of Bancorp South Insurance Services, Mel Jackson with Southern Bank, Grover Richardson with DOT, Alan Rodgers from Bancorp South, David Ratliff from AR Credit Services and Rose Lucas with MoDOT.  SSE attendee Rodney Jetton said, “Tammy, Willis and Kevin organized a very informative conference that offered some great business advice.  Our company has done some federal work but I walked away with several great pointers that will help us more effectively compete for government projects.” 

The conference was held at the Holiday Inn in the conference center with the Poplar Bluff Chamber arranging the snacks, drinks and catering from Las Margaritas.  Michael Godi, owner of Godi Excavating in Salem, Missouri concluded by saying, “I am more confident of my ability to bid on state and federal contracts now that I understand the process better.”

Schultz Surveying and Engineering is a Missouri based Civil Engineering Company with offices in Poplar Bluff, Branson, Lake Ozark and Doniphan. They have provided drinking water and wastewater design services to over 58 communities in Missouri.  To date, they have helped those communities obtain over $124,000,000 in public funding.  They have helped design roads for cities, counties and MoDOT including Hwys. 67, 60, and 13 to name just a few.  They have several large state of the art USACE validated testing labs and are one of the select companies that have been approved for a Blanket Purchase Agreement with the USACE.  They have also provided surveying services to a variety of clients from utilities, MoDOT, USACE, cities, corporations, small business, and individuals. SSE is a HubZone certified company and can be found at

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – House Speaker Steven Tilley Appointed SSE Marketing Director Rod Jetton and Bill McKenna to Co-Chair the Blue Ribbon Citizens Transportation Committee.  It was tasked with addressing existing and future Missouri transportation issues.  Working alongside the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Blue Ribbon Committee met at several locations throughout the state to discuss local issues and funding ideas.  At each meeting the committee listened to concerned citizens input on transportation projects and funding ideas, as well as a presentation on local projects from MoDOT officials. The meetings were attended by over 600 concerned citizens discussing the future of Missouri transportation projects.  Tilley said, “Former Speaker Jetton is an expert on Missouri transportation issues and is respected for his past work on transportation problems.  His 236 mile walk to Jefferson City in 2001 and his support of Amendment 3 in 2004, as well as his Speaker’s Transportation tour in 2007, all helped to improve the dialog and progress of transportation issues in Missouri.”
Most meetings began with MoDOT Director Kevin Keith discussing the substantial funding loss MoDOT has experienced. Keith explained that Missouri transportation needs are financed by fuel taxes, vehicle licensing and sales tax on motor vehicle purchases. According to Keith, Missouri's 17-cent state fuel tax has not changed since 1992, though MoDOT expenses have risen substantially. MoDOT revenue, as a result, has decreased by 2 percent for four years in a row, due to more fuel efficient vehicles and people tending to drive less.
“MoDOT has done an impressive amount of work cutting costs,” said Jetton. “Under Director Keith’s Leadership, MoDOT has trimmed over $500 million, (20%), from their budget, which will ensure an even larger percentage of our highway funds go to roads. They have made the same tough choices families and small businesses have had to make in this rough economy.  Reducing staff and closing facilities shows their commitment to building roads, but these MoDOT reductions will not solve the funding crisis by themselves.”
Citizens attending were given time to speak to the committee on transportation issues and funding solutions.  The main theme heard from citizens dealt with how transportation projects could improve safety and create jobs.  Some of the top concerns were one lane and deficient bridges, no shoulders, safety cables and rumble strips, intersection improvement, crowded interstates, expansions of highways, more access points on highways, deeper ports, bicycle paths, and better public transportation.
Many citizens who provided testimony also had suggestions for how to pay for the needed improvements.  Fuel and sale tax increases were the top two mentioned items, but license and registration fees, vehicle miles traveled fees, and toll roads, were some of the other ideas suggested.  Jetton added, “We heard some very pressing needs on how to improve safety and help our economy.  It was estimated the suggested improvements would probably take an extra billion dollars a year to build, and while nobody wants higher taxes, we also heard some great suggestions on how Missouri citizens can raise the money to pay for the needs.”
The committee also heard some very interesting facts about Missouri’s transportation system, which included:

·         MoDOT is responsible for the 7th largest road system in America

·         Missouri has 33,702 miles of state highways. Of these, 6,000 miles are considered to be major roadways – they carry 80 percent of the State's traffic and 88 percent of them are rated in good condition. The remaining 27,000+ miles are classified as minor routes. These highways, which are generally in rural areas, need more attention and improvements – 72 percent are rated in good condition.

·         Missouri has 10,405 bridges on the State system. The average bridge is 46 years old and over 2,200 are deficient and in need of repair. Maintaining safe bridges is not only extremely important, but also very expensive. Replacing them all would cost $5 billion and each year, at least another 100 bridges are added to this deficient category.

·         Freight Rail plays an important role in Missouri’s transportation system.  Kansas City has the second largest rail hub in the country and St. Louis is the third largest. The State has 4,400 miles of mainline track, 2,500 miles of yard track, and 7,000 grade crossings.

·         MoDOT’s construction program has fallen from $1.2 billion in 2010 to less than $700 million today.

·         It takes almost $600 million to maintain the States existing system.

·         While MoDOT is responsible for the 7th largest road system in America, it is funded with the 6th lowest gas tax in the country.

·         The Federal Fuel Tax makes up 45 percent of MoDOTs revenue.

·         State Fuel Tax revenues account for 22 percent of MoDOT’s revenue.

·         Motor Vehicle and License Fees account for 12 percent of MoDOT's revenue.

·         State Sales Tax on Vehicles generates 12 percent of MoDOT's revenue.
As a new state representative in 2001, Jetton was one of the harshest critics of MoDOT.  He made a 236 mile trek from his district in southeast Missouri to Jefferson City to protest MoDOT’s handling of the 15 year plan.  Many were surprised when he was selected to serve on the panel, and when asked what he thought was most interesting about the hearings Jetton stated, “No doubt it’s the perception of MoDOT.”  He continued, “In all my past travels around Missouri most of the comments concerning MoDOT were negative.  This year they were almost all positive.  Folks kept complementing MoDOT employees and thanking them for the projects they were building.  I think MoDOT has improved in two areas.  They changed their attitude and started listing to citizens, and they improved their operation and made sure projects were done on time and under budget.”

The committee wrapped up the hearings in September and has been meeting and working on a comprehensive report.  House communications officer Joe Engler indicated that the report should be ready to issue to Speaker Jones’s office before session starts in January. “Co-Chairman McKenna and all the committee members have put a great deal of time and energy into attending these hearings, listing to the suggestions and working on a comprehensive report that will help our legislative leaders move Missouri’s transportation needs forward.  Each of them deserves high praise for the efforts,” added Jetton.

Jetton’s full time job is with Schultz Surveying and Engineering as their marketing director.  SSE owner Stan Schultz said, “The Blue Ribbon Citizen’s Committee work has kept Rod busy and put him behind on a few SSE tasks, but we realize how important this issue is and are proud to have one of our employees working to move Missouri’s transportation needs forward.”

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SSE Hosts two networking events in Southeast Missouri

Members of the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce
enjoy 1st Friday Coffee at the Poplar Bluff SSE Office
Poplar Bluff, MO- Schultz Surveying and Engineering was thrilled with the 75 people who joined them as they hosted the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce 1st Friday Coffee on June 7th.  The staff of SSS welcomed chamber members and municipal leaders at their Poplar Bluff office for an early morning meet and greet while enjoying some great coffee, fresh fruit, and fresh baked bread.
The 1st Friday event is held every first Friday of the month, hosted by varying chamber members as an opportunity to network with fellow chamber members and the public. SSE has been a member of the chamber since 1997 and SSE’s own Debby Norris was named Poplar Bluff Chamber Ambassador of the year in 2012.
SSE founder Stan Schultz said, “Having your business belong to something like the Poplar Bluff Chamber is not only just good business sense, it gives you an opportunity to take pride in your local area. The chamber events and meetings are a great way to network as well as become involved.”

Poplar Bluff Mayor Ed Dagaris with

SSE’s Debby Norris
Debby Norris concluded by saying, “Becoming a part of the chamber has opened a lot of doors for me to be able show how much SSE cares about the cities we all live and work in. It’s really been one of the best parts of my employment with SSE and I look forward to all the great things I will get to participate in the coming year.”
Doniphan, MO – Following up to the success of June’s Poplar Bluff Chamber event, SSE was excited to be able to host the Ripley County Chamber Coffee and Conversation event on July 26, 2013. Fifty chamber members joined hosts SSE at Coffee and More to take a few minutes in the early morning to hear about SSE, where the big news of the morning was SSE’s latest addition of their Doniphan office.
Stan Schultz, owner of SSE said, “Having owned more than one business here in Doniphan, and it being my own hometown, made opening an office in such an area a no-brainer. The towns like Doniphan of Ripley County are the kind of small town America songs are written about, and it’s that quality that has made me proud to call Doniphan and Ripley County my home.”
SSE has been a proud long standing member of the Ripley County Chamber, helping out in popular events like Timberfest, Coffee and Conversation and the Ripley County Fair. The Coffee and Conversation event brought some of the county’s most active residents.

Ripley County resident and SSE employee
Marvin Nesbit enjoys some good conversation at the

SSE hosted Coffee and Conversation
Doniphan resident and 13 year SSE veteran Marvin Nesbit enjoyed the great snacks and coffee while being able to chat with those he has worked with and lived with for years, saying, “You really can’t ask for a better place to work, play or live. Ripley County is home and being a part of a company like SSE that takes so much pride in being able to help the residents of my home town and other rural Missouri municipalities means a lot.  Our company is focused on helping rural communities and areas find ways to develop their infrastructure because we understand the unique process for bringing these projects from idea to reality. Knowing I have helped many small communities receive funding for clean drinking water or safe wastewater systems, well, you can't beat that feeling"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SSE Intern helps design and construct safer water system in Guatemala as part of Engineers Without Borders

The Engineers Without Borders volunteers and residents
lay pipe in Nahualate, Guatemala
Lake Ozark – Engineering Intern Tyler Bick returned to the lake area last week after a weeklong trip that started months ago. Tyler traveled to Nahualate, Guatemala to help see the construction of a potable drinking water system that had been designed by a team from Engineers without Borders.   There were 300 agricultural homes in the area that had shallow wells which would not produce a safe level of quantity or quality drinking water.
Nahualate, Guatemala
As one the 10 poorest countries in Latin America, Guatemala is a prime example of how students like Tyler gain real world experience, as well as meet the future leaders of the industry. Tyler said, “The biggest challenge was trying to design a system you could not visually see, examine or inspect in person, so relying on past teams who had been in the area, as well as teams currently there, taught me about teamwork I never learned in my classes.” Tyler went on to say, “I have travelled before and even studied abroad for a semester 100 miles south of the Arctic circle, but the adventure of Guatemala and being able to see how happy the townspeople were when clean drinking water was available to them was really exciting.  I plan on going back after I graduate in December to see the completed water tower we helped to design.”
Project faculty advisor Dr. Richard Stephenson added, Tyler is the perfect fit for this type of project. He has that adventurous spirit, and the inherent nature to want to help those in need. Having Tyler on the team was a huge asset. You can tell he is one of those students who will succeed after graduation and in life.”
Dr. Ronaldo Luna of Missouri S&T, Ing Luis Garcia
Ing Fernando Callejas, Todd Williams P.E., and Tyler Bick
Tyler came to SSE in the beginning of the summer of 2013 and has quickly become one of the family. Owner Stan Schultz concluded, “Having a young man with Tyler’s energy, knowledge and skills was a big help on our projects this summer.  I almost hate to see him go back to school, but I know he needs to finish his classwork and have no doubt he will be successful wherever he lands after graduation.”
To learn more about the Missouri Science and Technology Student Engineers Without Borders Chapter go here.
To learn more about Engineers Without Borders click here.
To see Tyler’s photo album from his trip to Guatemala visit our Facebook album page here.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Floodgates open at the Lake of the Ozarks

It has been just over two years since lake area residents and visitors have seen the flood gates of the Bagnell Dam opened, and on August 7, 2013 the waiting had ended.

After  17 inches of rain the last 7 days Ameren plant engineers decided to open 11 out of 12 floodgates and release tens of thousands gallons of water. The sudden rush of inflow was expected to raise the river a further four feet causing places like Camp Bagnell and Riverview RV Park to be evacuated.

The evacuation took place with its own set of issues from displacement of campers to emergency vehicles warning residents and fighting fires possibly caused by lightning strikes being mired in the hazards of the flash flooding that occurred during the night’s storm.

The dam was built between 1929 and 1931 by Union Electric and at the time the largest man-made lake in the United States. The brainchild of Ralph Street in 1912 the dam’s original plan called for a smaller sixty foot hydroelectric dam that would have resulted in a lake only forty miles long instead of the current 2,453 foot dam and 180 mile long lake (the actual coast line of the lake is 1,100 miles; longer than coast of California!).

SSE founder Stan Schultz commented “When the dam was built it was an engineering

SSE's Bob Arnold, R.L.S., Ken Farris, and
Tony cobb take in the view of the Dam
marvel well ahead of its time. It is rare when a structure is stronger than when it was first built, but back in the 80’s adding tension rods to the bedrock below made the dam even stronger. Even if the northern Truman Dam were to somehow fail Bagnell Dam would remain. The civil engineers who designed the dam didn’t only bring environmentally friendly hydroelectric power to thousands but created an entire destination spot for the whole country. That is what civil engineering is about; making lives better for people.”

To see all the pictures from the open floodgates click HERE!

Monday, July 22, 2013

SSE Vehicles Help Southern Missouri Families

Stan Schultz stand with the Ozark Family Resource Agnecy and their new truck.
Schultz Surveying & Engineering is a company that believes it is important to give back to the community and its people.  In the last few years, SSE has worked with the Ozark Family Resource Agency (OFRA) in Doniphan to do just that.  SSE owner Stan Schultz said, “OFRA is a great organization that helps throughout southern Missouri. We are not always able to do as much as I would like but we do what we can.”
OFRA is a 24 hour/7 day a week service agency that transports shelter residents and their children to school and community functions.  OFRA also takes those residents to doctor appointments and even to submit applications for employment.  They travel daily into the service area of a seven-county region to provide these direct services.  OFRA provides parenting in-home services, skill building and child development, and they also travel to conduct forensic interviews with children that have been abused sexually and physically.  This seven-county service area spans across more than 4,400 square miles.
SSE has donated older vehicles that needed to be taken out of its fleet but were very usable for the type of traveling OFRA workers required.  “We are extremely grateful to Stan Schultz, he has been more than generous to have donated three vehicles over the past few years and two in 2011,” said Melissa Morgan, Director of Operations, OFRA.  “Stan has been so understanding with the work that we do and the need of our agency to travel.  The money that we are able to save by having agency vehicles for use instead of paying mileage has been amazingly beneficial to our agency.”
SSE also donated a truck that has been instrumental in helping transition crisis shelter clients into housing.  With the truck, OFRA is able to move people into their own home.  In addition, OFRA is able to utilize it for fundraisers.  “We have had a successful “stuff the truck” to collect food and other supplies for the crisis shelter.  We hold fundraisers across our seven county region, and with the truck we have been able to move all of our fundraiser stuff to our events with one trip, saving us money,” stated Melissa.
The mission of Ozark Family Resource Agency is to support children and families in crisis through the crisis shelter, affordable housing, and child advocacy services.  And that is exactly what they are doing.  “Being able to give back to the community in such a way as this has been a true honor.  These families and children are in good hands with Melissa and the OFRA, and I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come,” said Stan Schultz, owner of SSE.
Melissa Morgan had this to conclude, “OFRA has been blessed by knowing Stan Schultz.   He has literally been the “wind beneath our wings, enabling us to transport shelter clients, attend staff trainings, move housing clients, and promote OFRA through fundraising events because he gifted the agency with three vehicles!  Our agency has been able to soar, thanks to Stan’s generosity.”
For more information about the Ozark Family Resource Agency or to make a donation please visit or call (573)996-2648. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Surveyors at SSE help AECI at Auction

POPLAR BLUFF, MO – Schultz Surveying and Engineering, Inc. (SSE) was chosen by Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI) to perform surveying services on over 700 acres of land near their New Madrid Power Plant location.

The land was purchased by AECI in 2012 to construct a railroad spur from the main Burlington Northern line west of Highway 61 to the Cotton Belt line running to their power plant. The property no longer needed for the project is being auctioned off by AECI on July 12th. Before selling the property AECI knew they would need to provide accurate legal descriptions and maps for the real estate transaction.

The survey included 8 tracts of land comprising just over 700 acres in southeast Missouri along the Mississippi River. SSE owner Stan Schultz stated, “As a rural resident I love working with our cooperatives and AECI is a great group to work for.  We have also helped Sho-Me Power, Clay County Electric, Black River Electric and several other cooperatives before.  Having a staff that understands what it takes to produce and deliver electricity to rural Missourians makes working for our electrical cooperatives very enjoyable.”

Don Berry, R.L.S. of SSE concluded ‘The survey and subsequent plats, as well as the full-color aerial map we provided were a bit above the routine, but because this property was being auctioned off we knew the potential buyers would want a good view of what they were bidding on.  I always enjoy working for AECI because their folks are so professional and Mr. Murray gave very clear instructions.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mike DeLong Joins Schultz Surveying & Engineering

Mike DeLong Joins Schultz Surveying & Engineering

His 30 + years with Springfield City Utilities and with DNR
will help SSE continue their growth and expansion .

Mike DeLong, P.E.

Mike DeLong accepts key role for Schultz Surveying & Engineering.  DeLong is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in water, natural gas, and electric utility design and construction.  DeLong will be overseeing all operations in SSE’s Lake of the Ozarks and Branson offices.  Owner Stan Schultz said, “Because of SSE’s tremendous and rapid growth we needed an experienced engineer like Mr. DeLong.  Having Mike join our team as Operations Manager will prove to be a huge asset for our company.  His extensive background dealing with utility companies and MoDNR will be something that our current and potential clients find highly attractive about SSE.”
Stan Schultz, Brad allbritton and mike Delong pose together.

DeLong is also a certified MoDNR Class A Water Treatment Plant Operator, and a MoDNR DS III Drinking Water Distribution Operator, with certificates in both.  In his previous position as Manager of Developer Services with Springfield City Utilities, DeLong was responsible for working with customers on all new construction.  Along with engineering and customer service responsibilities, he also worked in community relations and business development for CU.

To welcome Mike, SSE hosted a small gathering in near his hometown in Springfield, Missouri. Friends and family gathered to join Mike in ringing in the new year, and new position.

Mike graduated from Crane High School in Crane, MO, and then went onto the University of Missouri at Rolla to obtain his BS in Civil Engineering.  When asked about what his hobbies were, Mike said, “When I told a friend that I did not have time for hobbies because I was always doing volunteer work, he pointed out that community service was my hobby.  I have spent my whole life learning how things work and how to build things, so people are always asking me to help fix or build something.”  Mike is also the current Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Springfield Contractors Association and has been the President of the Springfield Home Builders Association Charitable Foundation for the last two years.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ken Farris is SSE's June Employee of the Month

Ken Farris, June 2013 Employee of the Month
LAKE OZARK, MO- Schultz Surveying and Engineering is pleased to announce that Ken Farris will be recognized as the June Employee of the Month. Ken was selected for his work with the drafting department at the Lake Ozark office.  Owner Stan Schultz said, “Ken is a fantastic SSE employee to be chosen for this award. Ken works hard and is always willing to jump in and help where and when needed. He puts SSE’s customers first. I always enjoy watching our employees learn and grow in their roles and Ken is a great example of an employee who has taken that initiative. ”

June Employee of the Month Ken Farris has been with SSE for 3 1/2 years.  In addition to helping with the engineering drafting, Ken also helps with the surveying drafting duties at the Lake office.  When asked what he likes about working at SSE, Ken added "I am so happy to work with the people at SSE and our customers. I like seeing a project idea come to life. Being chosen as Employee of the Month is not something I expected but I really appreciate the compliment."

In honor of Ken being awarded June’s Employee of the Month, SSE will donate $100 on his behalf to the St. Martin School Church Fund of Jefferson City. St. Martin School is where Ken’s young daughter Casey and son Caleb attend classes, and St. Martin is the church Ken and his wife Kelley of 11 years attend services.

“Ken has an excellent work ethic and I can always depend on him to do whatever I ask.  He is always ready to jump in and help anyone get a job out the door.  It does not matter what the task is, he is willing to do it if that is what it takes to get the job done,” concluded operations manager Mike DeLong.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

City of Doniphan chooses SSE for four new projects

Stan Schultz is pleased to announce that the City of Doniphan has chosen Schultz Surveying & Engineering (SSE) for four of their new area projects. The four will include a sidewalk with access road, a recreational trail, a Safe Routes To School sidewalk, and a box culvert. Schultz said, "Helping the city of Doniphan on these projects is exactly what SSE specializes in.  Of course we are very capable of handling the technical and design responsibilities, but our real value is in helping small towns obtain the funding they need to do these types of projects. It’s very satisfying to be able to help the city of Doniphan increase safety and improve their city with projects like these."
The Quick Creek Park sidewalk and access road consists of approximately 870 linear feet of sidewalk connecting the parking lot of the Doniphan High School to the parking lot in Quick Creek Park.  There is a 5 foot wide sidewalk on the school property and a 6 foot wide sidewalk going up alongside the access road to the City Park.  The sidewalk project is funded by transportation enhancement grant funds provided through MoDOT.   The City is providing the match required of 20% of the total project cost.  The 550 foot access road is being funded entirely by the City.  The Park will include a ball field, a rain garden, walking trails, and outdoor classrooms. 
The property was donated by the Doniphan School System to the City of Doniphan in order that the park could be built.  The City and the School have worked together so that what was developed in the Park would benefit both entities.  The project is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed in approximately one month.

The recreational trail is a project funded partially through a grant from the DNR.  The project consists of approximately 1 mile of walking trails.  The trail system will include a half-mile walking trail, an access route to the ball field from the parking lot, and a trail around the rain garden within the confines of Quick Creek Park.  It will also have an extension outside of the Park following Quick Creek of approximately1,600 l.f.  The trail will be primarily asphalt.  This project is currently in the bidding phase.

The Safe Routes To School (SRTS) sidewalk is funded 100% by grant funds through MoDOT for the design and construction of sidewalks to the community’s school.   The project consists of two main segments leading to the Doniphan R-1 Elementary School.  These are the most heavily traveled pedestrian routes to the school.  The first segment is along Vine Street extending from the intersection at Summit Street to the intersection at Sprigg Street.    The existing sidewalk will be replaced with a 5 foot sidewalk that is ADA compliant.
The second segment is along Summit Street from the intersection at Maple Street to Elm Street.  The new sidewalk will be widened to 5 feet and hand railing will be installed along a small section to provide fall protection. The City is currently obtaining easements for this project.

The box culvert project is to replace an existing bridge (box culvert), which has a width of 18 feet, with a new box culvert that will be 24 feet wide.  This will improve the turning radius for the school buses which frequently use this bridge to convey students from one campus to another.  Currently, the school buses have to swing over into the oncoming lane in order to negotiate the turn.   The bridge also has a pedestrian walkway attached to it.  The existing 4 foot walkway will be replaced by a 5 foot walkway.  There will be several improvements made with the new bridge that will increase the safety of the pedestrians and the drivers that will use the bridge.

This project is currently in the design phase.  It is being funded through a cooperative agreement between the City of Doniphan and Ripley County, utilizing BRO funds that the County has, with the City providing cash match.

Doniphan’s Mayor Terry Cooper stated, “"Choosing SSE was easy. Stan and the staff were able to help the city gain the necessary funding for these projects. Using their knowledge of project funding has proven to be invaluable in securing necessary funds and without SSE I am unsure the city would have been able to provide our town with these upgrades."