Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SSE Intern helps design and construct safer water system in Guatemala as part of Engineers Without Borders

The Engineers Without Borders volunteers and residents
lay pipe in Nahualate, Guatemala
Lake Ozark – Engineering Intern Tyler Bick returned to the lake area last week after a weeklong trip that started months ago. Tyler traveled to Nahualate, Guatemala to help see the construction of a potable drinking water system that had been designed by a team from Engineers without Borders.   There were 300 agricultural homes in the area that had shallow wells which would not produce a safe level of quantity or quality drinking water.
Nahualate, Guatemala
As one the 10 poorest countries in Latin America, Guatemala is a prime example of how students like Tyler gain real world experience, as well as meet the future leaders of the industry. Tyler said, “The biggest challenge was trying to design a system you could not visually see, examine or inspect in person, so relying on past teams who had been in the area, as well as teams currently there, taught me about teamwork I never learned in my classes.” Tyler went on to say, “I have travelled before and even studied abroad for a semester 100 miles south of the Arctic circle, but the adventure of Guatemala and being able to see how happy the townspeople were when clean drinking water was available to them was really exciting.  I plan on going back after I graduate in December to see the completed water tower we helped to design.”
Project faculty advisor Dr. Richard Stephenson added, Tyler is the perfect fit for this type of project. He has that adventurous spirit, and the inherent nature to want to help those in need. Having Tyler on the team was a huge asset. You can tell he is one of those students who will succeed after graduation and in life.”
Dr. Ronaldo Luna of Missouri S&T, Ing Luis Garcia
Ing Fernando Callejas, Todd Williams P.E., and Tyler Bick
Tyler came to SSE in the beginning of the summer of 2013 and has quickly become one of the family. Owner Stan Schultz concluded, “Having a young man with Tyler’s energy, knowledge and skills was a big help on our projects this summer.  I almost hate to see him go back to school, but I know he needs to finish his classwork and have no doubt he will be successful wherever he lands after graduation.”
To learn more about the Missouri Science and Technology Student Engineers Without Borders Chapter go here.
To learn more about Engineers Without Borders click here.
To see Tyler’s photo album from his trip to Guatemala visit our Facebook album page here.

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