Monday, August 8, 2011

Schultz and Summers Engineering Helps Lower the Cost of Flood Insurance

Marketing Director Rod Jetton presented an overview of SSE’s services.

Attendees listen as Rod explains Flood Elevation Certification
POPLAR BLUFF, MO- Schultz and Summers Engineering (SSE) hosted the monthly meeting for the Poplar Bluff Three Rivers Board of Realtors where marketing director Rod Jetton gave a short presentation on their services and he highlighted the Flood Elevation Certification Survey program (FECSP).  Many consider SSE to be the leading engineering firm in Missouri on Flood Elevation and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) map change issues.  Jetton said, “Poplar Bluff has some great realtors working in our community and I very much enjoyed attending the meeting.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to show how our FECSP program could help them save their clients money.”     

Vice President Kim King contacted Schultz and Summers about hosting the meeting and she added, “Rod gave a quick and professional overview of the services SSE offers.  With the recent flooding, his information on the FEMA map changes and the elevation certification process was very helpful.  Having the Bread Company cater the event was a big hit too.” 
Rod making a point

Schultz and Summers has developed a specific program to address the confusion many Missouri resident are experiencing because of the recent FEMA map updates.  SSE engineers and surveyors have attended several FEMA workshops on floodplain management issues.  Their Flood Elevation Certification Survey Program (FECSP) is designed to have a knowledgeable technician quickly get to the property, survey the elevation and turn that information back into FEMA.  This information allows residents to apply for a letter of Map Amendment (LOM), which many times eliminates the need for flood insurance.

There are several aspects to SSE’s program that have made them to states leader on flood certification including: minimal trip charges, neighborhood pricing discounts and quick turnaround times.  Owner Stan Schultz said, “Our new program has resulted in SSE performing over 300 flood elevation certifications already this year.  We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in flood insurance premiums and even kept a few real estate transactions from falling apart.”          

Other items discussed during the meeting included a presentation by Greg Carda, CEO of Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center on the new hospital location.  President Brock Littles covered other board business and Kurt Knodell gave an excellent update on legislative issues affecting the Missouri real estate industry.

Jetton concluded, “We always enjoy visiting with our local realtors about the many services SSE offers.  Realtors are the lifeblood of our community and we look forward to working with them to help build the infrastructure, businesses and homes necessary to keep Poplar Bluff growing.”

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