Sunday, August 21, 2011

1st Day in Guam

By Rod Jetton

We arrived in Guam late last night because the plane was delayed so today we took of to explore the island.  It is Sunday and everything is shut down here.  We are one day ahead of everyone back home because we crossed the international date line.  It's very hard for me to understand but we are now way ahead of Missouri.  

All we did was go to church and then drive around the whole island.  We also stopped in a grocery store to compare prices.   Here are the photos.  There were some beautiful beach and island spots I tried to capture on camera.

Stan in front of St. Anthony Church

A jungle Trail

Me on a beautiful beach

A big mountain

A rock formation Stan wanted a photo of-engineer stuff

The lagoon and beach where we were

Tidal pools the Guamanians had made a swimming whole with

The tide coming in on the tidal pool

Veterans Memorial over looking deep valley

Some sail boats I thought Bob would like

A captured mini-Japanese sub at the war museum
Some looks at the beach and lagoon

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