Friday, March 29, 2013

SSE Attends MRWA Annual Technical Conference

SSE Attends MRWA Annual Technical Conference

SSE’s Mike DeLong with Laclede City Operator Rodger Pergande, winner of the Bass Pro gift certificate.

Branson, MO. – Schultz Surveying and Engineering was delighted to attend the 47th Annual Technical Conference which was held on March 12th, 13th and 14th at the Branson Convention Center. More than 150 vendors and over 300 water and sewer operators attended the three day training conference.

Attendees were able to gain valuable insight and education from nationally recognized speakers like keynote speaker Michael Johnson, Robert Spon of Spon Water Consulting, and Bob Blume of Industrial Electrical Trainers and Consulting. MRWA Executive Director John Hoagland said, “Having the Annual Technical Conference is invaluable to our members. Having companies like SSE participate allow operators, districts, and office staff to learn about new technologies, new services, and new funding opportunities that companies like SSE can provide. This knowledge and insight gives the districts their best options when providing for their communities.”

Attendees enjoy the Backhoe Rodeo at the
MRWA Annual Technical Conference
As is the case every year  one of the most popular events at this year’s conference was the MRWA Backhoe Rodeo.  Once attempted by SSE’s Debby Norris, the rodeo attracts all the operators and staff to test their skills. SSE showed their proud support for the hard work done by our state’s water and wastewater operators by giving away a gift certificate from Bass Pro Shops. Lucky winner Rodger Pergande took a moment to pose with SSE’s Operations Manager Mike DeLong, P.E. Delong said, “Being able to attend these events is a great thing. Operators and those in the industry like myself can  not only gain our required continuing educational hours, but get a chance to learn new techniques and visit with others who face the same issues. The resources and knowledge we get through the MRWA and the Annual Technical Conference are resources we  use to better our services, which we  then pass on to our customers.”

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