Monday, March 18, 2013

Good times with the County Commissioners

SSE Had A Good Time With The County Commissioners

The County Commissioners Association of Missouri held their Annual Training Session February 6-7, 2013 in Jefferson City and everyone seemed to call this year’s even a success. Schultz Surveying and Engineering hosted a hospitality suite Wednesday night where commissioners, their spouses and legislators were able to come together and discuss current trends and issues facing counties.                                                                                            

Alan Cook, Newton County Associate Commissioner was excited to win SSE’s annual tablet giveaway while his fellow commissioners enjoyed his luck.

            A bit of a change up this year found sponsors having the opportunity to take commissioners and their guests out for dinner Thursday evening. SSE was delighted to see the response to their invitation and welcomed over 50 commissioners, and their spouses, to enjoy the evening at popular Jefferson City dining spot, O’Donoghue’s on High Street. After a short speech delivered by SSE founder, Stan Schultz giving a heartfelt thank you to the commissioners for their service and dedication to the counties they serve everyone enjoyed a great dinner of chicken masala, roasted beef, country-style mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and apple cobbler.

Conversations ranged from everyday topics of recent television programs to the more serious issues facing counties today like liability insurance for incarcerated inmates, the plethora of use-tax on ballots this spring, and finding funding for desperately needed infrastructure projects.

Representative Steve Cookson (R-153) was on hand to speak with commissioners, saying “Being able to meet with commissioners in a relaxed atmosphere like the one provided by SSE allows me to be able to hear their concerns. Sometimes it is hard to for us to find times in our schedules especially when I am in session and opportunities like these make it possible for us to find solutions to the problems facing our citizens”.

Wright County Presiding Commissioner Zack Williams seemed happy to get a chance to speak with SSE’s own BRO funding expert, Marvin Nesbit. He said “When companies like SSE help us with the knowledge and expertise we need to get projects completed it is really helpful. Talking to Marvin helped me better understand the process and I’m glad I attended the dinner.”

A good time was had by all and SSE looks forward to hosting another night next year and many more years to come.


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