Saturday, June 29, 2013

City of Doniphan chooses SSE for four new projects

Stan Schultz is pleased to announce that the City of Doniphan has chosen Schultz Surveying & Engineering (SSE) for four of their new area projects. The four will include a sidewalk with access road, a recreational trail, a Safe Routes To School sidewalk, and a box culvert. Schultz said, "Helping the city of Doniphan on these projects is exactly what SSE specializes in.  Of course we are very capable of handling the technical and design responsibilities, but our real value is in helping small towns obtain the funding they need to do these types of projects. It’s very satisfying to be able to help the city of Doniphan increase safety and improve their city with projects like these."
The Quick Creek Park sidewalk and access road consists of approximately 870 linear feet of sidewalk connecting the parking lot of the Doniphan High School to the parking lot in Quick Creek Park.  There is a 5 foot wide sidewalk on the school property and a 6 foot wide sidewalk going up alongside the access road to the City Park.  The sidewalk project is funded by transportation enhancement grant funds provided through MoDOT.   The City is providing the match required of 20% of the total project cost.  The 550 foot access road is being funded entirely by the City.  The Park will include a ball field, a rain garden, walking trails, and outdoor classrooms. 
The property was donated by the Doniphan School System to the City of Doniphan in order that the park could be built.  The City and the School have worked together so that what was developed in the Park would benefit both entities.  The project is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed in approximately one month.

The recreational trail is a project funded partially through a grant from the DNR.  The project consists of approximately 1 mile of walking trails.  The trail system will include a half-mile walking trail, an access route to the ball field from the parking lot, and a trail around the rain garden within the confines of Quick Creek Park.  It will also have an extension outside of the Park following Quick Creek of approximately1,600 l.f.  The trail will be primarily asphalt.  This project is currently in the bidding phase.

The Safe Routes To School (SRTS) sidewalk is funded 100% by grant funds through MoDOT for the design and construction of sidewalks to the community’s school.   The project consists of two main segments leading to the Doniphan R-1 Elementary School.  These are the most heavily traveled pedestrian routes to the school.  The first segment is along Vine Street extending from the intersection at Summit Street to the intersection at Sprigg Street.    The existing sidewalk will be replaced with a 5 foot sidewalk that is ADA compliant.
The second segment is along Summit Street from the intersection at Maple Street to Elm Street.  The new sidewalk will be widened to 5 feet and hand railing will be installed along a small section to provide fall protection. The City is currently obtaining easements for this project.

The box culvert project is to replace an existing bridge (box culvert), which has a width of 18 feet, with a new box culvert that will be 24 feet wide.  This will improve the turning radius for the school buses which frequently use this bridge to convey students from one campus to another.  Currently, the school buses have to swing over into the oncoming lane in order to negotiate the turn.   The bridge also has a pedestrian walkway attached to it.  The existing 4 foot walkway will be replaced by a 5 foot walkway.  There will be several improvements made with the new bridge that will increase the safety of the pedestrians and the drivers that will use the bridge.

This project is currently in the design phase.  It is being funded through a cooperative agreement between the City of Doniphan and Ripley County, utilizing BRO funds that the County has, with the City providing cash match.

Doniphan’s Mayor Terry Cooper stated, “"Choosing SSE was easy. Stan and the staff were able to help the city gain the necessary funding for these projects. Using their knowledge of project funding has proven to be invaluable in securing necessary funds and without SSE I am unsure the city would have been able to provide our town with these upgrades."

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