Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SSE Adds Three Former Missouri DNR Officials to Help Clients Design Water and Wastewater Systems

SSE is proud to have three former Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) Employees on our team.  Out of the 11,655 active Professional Engineers in the state of Missouri, these three P.E.’s come highly regarded, given the fact that they each worked for MoDNR for a total of 40+ years combined. SSE owner Stan Schultz added, “Our core business has been helping Missouri communities find funding and build systems to meet MoDNR’s requirements. I’m excited about what these three experts bring to the SSE team.”

Tim Southards, P.E.
Tim Southards of Poplar Bluff joined the SSE management team.  Southards will be covering the southeast Missouri region as the Operations Manager for the Poplar Bluff office.  As an Environmental Engineer for DNR, Tim is well versed in the requirements, regulations, and emerging issues facing communities, developers, and industries that need solutions to their drinking and wastewater needs.  Tim stated, “It is exciting to join a growing company like SSE.  Helping our clients provide safe drinking water to their citizens in the most effective and economical way possibly while keeping our streams and rivers clean for fishing and other recreational activities is a dream come true.”
John MacEachen of Russellville, Missouri, joined the esteemed SSE Business Development team in September of 2012.  John’s background in drinking water and wastewater operations, and management and regulatory compliance, are an important factor with the overall SSE operation.  John worked as the Enforcement Unit Chief for the Public Drinking Water Program of the MoDNR.  During his 15+ years with that program, he oversaw enforcement activities to ensure regulatory compliance, assisted in the development of regulatory language and requirements, and assisted in technical review of the project plans and specifications for regulatory compliance.  John said, “Today, small systems have the greatest problems to solve and the fewest resources available.  Therefore, the solutions have to be economical, long-lasting and within the technical capabilities of the system.  We can help you achieve that.”
Dave Stinson, P.E.
David Stinson joined SSE in October 2012.  David will play a key role within SSE, as Director of Engineering.  Those responsibilities will include heading up the quality control on all of SSE’s designs and plans, as well as supervising the management of all projects.  Stinson’s background with DNR has allowed him to gain considerable knowledge regarding Missouri’s water and wastewater regulations.  This knowledge will be a tremendous benefit to communities and businesses throughout Missouri.  David said, “Being an Engineering Unit Chief with MoDNR has given me a better understanding of the state regulations and how to properly design an efficient and economical drinking water and wastewater system according to state guidelines. If our clients have questions or concerns about MoDNR’s policies and regulations or their permitting process, I will gladly offer my advice and experience to help them work through their issues.”
SSE owner Stan Schultz concluded, “We are proud that we now have three former DNR engineers working for SSE and know that their understanding of the regulations and personnel who oversee them will be a huge benefit to the customers we serve here in Missouri.”

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