Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stan Schultz Heads East to Highlight SSE's Capabilities

Stan in the Conti HQ
Stan Schultz recently visited the Conti Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.  The Conti Group is a major construction company in America and they are looking for good small business partners.  We have been working for them in New Orleans on  the $21 million WBV-06.2 Belle Chasse Tunnel Levee and Flood Gate Construction.  

We had a very productive meeting with Ken Chapnick, Katy Bakunas, Charles Fesolone, Andy Millers and Oded Sten.  Along with their national work they have several international projects and they stressed how helpful it is to have a quality Hubzone company like SSE helping them with their civil engineering, materials testing and surveying needs. 

Rebuilding an overpass on I-95

After that meeting we drove down to Washington D.C. for the annual Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) meeting. This was the first SAME meeting we had attended since joining the organization. The drive down was very interesting to us because they were adding lanes to I-95.  This is the same kind of project Missouri is considering on I-70.  Watching them work gave us an idea of how big that project will be.  

 While in DC we took a trip to the capitol and stopped in and saw a few of the folks in our Congressional Delegation.   Senators' McCaskill and Blunt were in meetings, but Congresswoman Hartzler stopped on her way to a committee hearing and talked with Stan about the upcoming transportation Bill.  We also stopped by Congressman Long's office and just missed him.  His deputy COS Curtis Trent covers transportation issues from the Congressman and he told Stan that the bill was in serious trouble. It was a beautiful day and the capitol was surrounded by flowers and budding tress.  We stopped at the Supreme Court building just long enough to see some of the protesters debating the Health care law.  Thankfully it was very peaceful.  
Stan and Rep. Hartzler
Stan and Mr. Trent

Joe Walsh and Stan
We met some great engineers and made some very helpful connections. Joe Walsh from Lime Energy, Greg Meyer from M+W Group, and John Accardi from AECOM were all interested in our capabilities.  John was very helpful at the SAME fellows luncheon.  We didn't realize we were not fellows and not supposed to be in that luncheon, but he sat at our table and made us feel at home and explained more about how we could get involved in SAME. 

Overall it was a great trip that has given SSE some  solid opportunities for our Federal contracting operations. 

Here are a few other photos at our nations capitol. 

Congressman Schultz??
It's great to be an American

He just doesn'tt quite fit in
These ladies thought he was a congressman


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