Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pike Creek Sewer Phase III Starts Up

Pike Creek Common Sewer District

BUTLER COUNTY, MO - The Pike Creek Common Sewer District was happy to announce that the District has successfully brought over 175 new customers online with the near completion of their Phase III project. The new $1.5 million dollar sanitary sewer project design was completed in 2009 by Schultz & Summers Engineering and funded through USDA-Rural Development and the Department of Natural Resources.

Schultz & Summers principal, Bob Summers stated, "Due to the watchful eye of the Board, the project has been constructed below the original budget and in a fashion that worked well with the public. Over 175 customers were connected allowing the system to collect and treat wastewater for over 1,400 homes in our area. By all standards, the project has been a great success!"

The Board wishes the public to know that cleanup will be completed in September. Larry Wells, a board member said, "We've asked the contractor to hold off on final cleanup until the weather will allow for grass to grow. The Board only wants to have to disturb our customer's yards one more time and the weather won't make it possible until September."

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