Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SSE Picked For Testing By Archer Western Contractors

NEW ORLEANS- On May 20th Archer Western Contractors (AWC) announced Arial view of the 7.2 mile levee before construction beginsthey have chosen Schultz and Summers Engineering to provide geotechnical instrumentation and construction materials testing for the LVP 109 levee project. Project Manager Martin Pospisil said, “SSE is the kind of company that we like having on the AWC team. They have a proven track record for dependable service, accurate test results and competitive pricing.”

This is a 7.2 mile stretch of levee on the northeast back of Lake Pontchartrain surrounding New Orleans. It will involve over 3 million tons of soil and over 9 million feet of wick drain will be involved. When completed it will be one of the largest levee projects in the United States.
“We are proud to be on the AWC team,” stated Stan Schultz. “AWC is one of the best construction companies in America and we are excited to be working with them on a project of this size and importance.”

The USACE has asked AWC to begin work on levee project LVP 109 as soon as possible with completion being scheduled by 2012. Martin added, “With the typical wet weather in New Orleans we have to stay with our schedule in order to finish the project on time. SSE has earned a reputation as a testing company that never slows a project down. This is one of the main reasons we wanted them working with us on this project”

Schultz concluded, “We have worked hard to provide all our clients with a dependable service they could count on. Our good reputation is growing and being chosen to work on LVP 109 was a dream come true for our company. I studied this job for months and the engineer in me desperately wanted to be involved in a levee project of this magnitude. Long after it is completed we can look back with pride and know we helped keep the people of New Orleans safe.”

Schultz and Summers Engineering is a Missouri based Civil Engineering Company. They opened a branch office in New Orleans almost two years ago in order to focus on providing surveying and materials testing service on the USACE flood control projects. They have a large state of the art USACE validated testing lab and are one of the select companies that have been approved for Blanket Purchase Agreement with the USACE. To date SSE has provided QC testing services on 18 different projects for companies such as Tetra tech, WR Compass, Southern Services and LS CKY to name just a few. They are also providing QA testing services to the USACE on 11 projects. SSE is a HubZone certified company and can be found at

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