Monday, January 21, 2013

SSE Engineer: Sunrise Beach project 'moving extremely fast'

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. – Phase 1 of the Sunrise Beach Sewer Project should be going out to bid within two months, according to Village Sewer Engineer Jarrod Wheaton, with Schultz Surveying and Engineering (SSE). The planned infrastructure will provide sewer service to approximately 39 residential connections and 37 commercial businesses.
Wheaton told the Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees at its Monday, Jan. 14 meeting:
  • Sixty percent of the easements for the sewer project were secured and he anticipated obtaining the rest by the end of January.
  • The village should receive a letter from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the next few weeks, officially approving the village sewage facility project specifications.  
  • Once plans are approved, SSE will apply for a construction permit which should, according to Wheaton, take 45 days.
The project will include two parts: the collection, and the treatment infrastructure consisting of small grinder pump stations serving either one or two homes or businesses. The grinder stations will pump wastewater through sewer force mains to the village’s wastewater treatment site. Phase 1 consists of approximately 15,500 feet of force main, 35 grinder stations, and one or two lift stations as a part of the collection infrastructure.
Treatment will be provided by an extended aeration wastewater treatment plant to be constructed on a tract of land that the village is in the process of procuring.
Phase 1 of the sewer project has a $2.2 million price tag. The Village has reserved $6 million in DNR State Revolving Fund program low interest loans, with a 20 year term. The additional $4 million could be used to fund a possible Phase 2 Sewer Project.
Wheaton concluded, “The project is going well and moving extremely fast.”
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