Thursday, August 30, 2012

SSE Honored to Help Design Infrastructure for Eagle Sky Christian Camp of the Ozarks
Eagle Sky is a private 4,500 acre camp and retreat center.  They have a world mission to provide a unique camp environment where everyone is challenged to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  Eagle sky is committed to providing a place where children, adults, church leaders and corporate executives can come relax, rejuvenate and recharge their lives as well as team build, evaluate, and plan the future of their ministry, church or business activities.

With planned camps in Missouri, Colorado, and Kenya Africa, Eagle Sky is on track to be one of the premiere summer camps in the world.  Schultz Surveying & Engineering were honored to be selected to develop the entire design for Eagle Sky Drive, the main road into this rejuvenating paradise.  They will also be putting their water and wastewater design experience to work making sure Eagle Sky provides campers the clean, safe drinking water while having a minimal impact on the pristine environment of the Ozark foothills. 

Eagle Sky has many activities designed specifically for its array of campers.  “We will have many water sports such as lake canoeing, kayaking, water volleyball, etc,” stated Eagle Sky Camp Director, Jim Garr.  “For those who enjoy staying on land we also have a sports complex for soccer, baseball, basketball, hiking trails, high-ropes, paintball and other land-based activities.”

While Eagle Sky is a first-rate multimillion dollar camp complex, a difference that separates Eagle Sky from many other similar facilities is its vision to reach the world through the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Some of the core values of Eagle Sky include:
  • Christ-like work ethic: with every thought, word, and deed
  • Personal integrity: in both public and private life
  • Stewardship: of the Lord's resources in the environment, in the facilities, and in staff and finances
  • Safety and Security: providing a program and facilities that focus on safety and security for all participants
Camp Director Jim Garr added, “We are truly committed to the values and teachings of Christ and everything about this facility is designed to enhance the campers ability to leave the daily grind of life behind and have fun while growing in their faith.”

Eagle Sky Camp Director,
Jim Garr and wife Pam

With 4,500 acres of property and a 130 acre lake area, Eagle Sky is bound to grow at a fast rate when more people hear about this unique experience right here in the heartland of Missouri.  SSE owner, Stan Schultz, stated “I became an engineer because I wanted to design projects that would improve people’s lives.  Roads, bridges and water systems are all projects that I have been proud to be a part of but working with Eagle Sky to design the infrastructure to make the multimillion dollar facility the best it can be is different than a normal project.  These facilities will help the campers have an enjoyable stay while they are at Eagle Sky, but the impact they will have on other lives after they leave here can impact and change lives for years to come.”

The Eagle Sky Foundation's Mission is to provide a unique retreat environment where everyone is challenged to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  
To enter the camp you must cross
this beautiful bridge
  • Providing quality facilities where guests can retreat in comfort and security while they focus on expanding their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Utilizing dedicated, talented staff who demonstrate servant leadership and total commitment to Jesus Christ;
  • Involving guests in challenging Christian Campaign Programs which strive for quality and excellence in recreational opportunities, ministry development programs; educational programs, and quality Bible teaching;
  • Leading guests to engage the beauty of God's creation, the joy of fellowship, and the challenge of growth in their faith and walk with Jesus Christ.
"Schultz Surveying and Engineering has been wonderful to work with," said Eagle Sky's Jim Garr, "Stan is a very caring and giving person and he understands the bigger mission of what we are trying to do with Eagle Sky.  He listens to our needs, offers good suggestions, and works with all our staff to help execute the plan."

Eagle Sky is planning to open its facilities with more than 1,000 bunks.  Eagle Sky has come to the Missouri Ozarks with a vision to build and operate the finest camping and retreat facilities available for utilization by church groups, Christian organizations and businesses.  It is their hope that children of all ages and families from around the country will be able to make memories that will last a lifetime, while building a stronger relationship with Christ and learning how to live more in His favor.

SSE Owner, Stan Schultz
"Eagle Sky is truly an organization that will make a huge difference in the world," concluded Schultz.  "Helping families and reaching children through Christian teachings is something I can personally get behind and we are excited to be working with such a strong, ministry oriented organization like Eagle Sky."  

You can learn more about Eagle Sky of the Ozarks by visiting their website at or by calling (573)-856-4219.

Monday, August 27, 2012

HCW Picks SSE for two Branson Projects

 This year, Branson has seen many ups and downs in its economy and within the community. With the February 29th Leap Day tornado hurting many businesses, the community has persevered and is now back on track to do huge things for its community. HCW is a major development and construction company headquartered in Branson, Missouri. HCW has been heavily involved in many Branson-area projects such as the Branson Landing, Payne Stewart Golf Club, Dixie Station Shopping Center, Thousand Hills Golf Resort, Fall Creek Resort, Cedar Ridge at the Woods Resort, Grandvista at Emerald Pointe Resort, Branson Yacht Club, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and Theatre, as well as adjoining Celebration Plaza, and Vista Plaza shopping centers. SSE Business Development director Rodney Jetton stated, “We are very proud to be working with such a well known and respected company like HCW.  Their outstanding track record in Branson and the Midwest is well documented and to be associated with Rick Huffman and their company is something we are very proud of.  We look forward to working with them more in the future on projects that will improve the economy and quality of life for communities in this region.”

SSE Marketing Director
Rod Jetton
This year, HCW has contracted Schultz Surveying and Engineering (SSE) to do two projects in the Branson community.  One is a site design located at the roundabout by Skaggs Hospital.  This project consisted of topographic surveying, architectural layout of the building and parking lot, a grading plan design, erosion and sediment control plans, and a water and sewer service plan that included a bore under business 65.  This piece of land is approximately 1.25 acres and will be a sales office for HCW.

The character of the area is always taken into account in HCW developments.  New construction blends harmoniously with existing structures, and rehabilitation projects bring freshness and up-to-date convenience to established structures.  HCW projects can bring innovation, excitement and a new outlook to communities as they move into the future.

SSE Owner, Stan Schultz
SSE Owner, Stan Schultz stated, “I appreciate HCW and the work they are doing within the Branson community.  When I bring my family to Branson we always have a great time enjoying what Branson has to offer and HCW played a huge role in that.”   

HCW’s vision provides for specific needs within the community.  New development often brings new jobs, and housing the workers is an accompanying need.  HCW has brought numerous housing projects into communities in several states.  Affordable multi-family and single housing developments are built with the same attention to quality and environment as HCW’s largest commercial projects. 

HCW Dir. of Development
Gary Fultz
Gary Fultz, HCW’s Director of Development said, “The team, led by Bradley Allbritton, was always responsive to our needs during the civil engineering process, and they produced quality plans.  They are an extremely professional firm and I would recommend them to any company seeking quality engineering services.”

SSE Branson Operations Mgr.
 Bradley Allbritton
SSE’s Bradley Allbritton said, “HCW is so great to work with.  They are extremely smart and savvy when it comes to what it is they need and want in a project design.  Our team enjoyed working with HCW on these projects and we look forward to our future with HCW Development.”

Monday, August 6, 2012

SSE Company Float Trip to KC's on the Current

 Over the weekend, SSE staff from our different offices enjoyed the first annual Company Float Trip to Doniphan with KC's on the Current.  Here are some photos from that excursion!  For the facebook version of this album, please visit our Facebook page.